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  “Back in high school, as the school’s mascot, I discovered that I was naturally clumsy. Which in turn, would make people laugh. To this day I consider those days the moments my clown career began. Officially, I have been a professional clown for the past 24 years. When I developed my character Oops C. Daisy, I knew she would be clumsy (an homage to my early years), and I wanted to be able to laugh at myself as I made others laugh. I then began entertaining small children at preschools and birthday parties. I was hooked the first time a little girl came up to me and wrapped her arms around me and said, “I love you, clown.” Clowning became my way of making a difference at senior centers, preschools, restaurants, homes, stores and even just driving around in my car. One of my favorite times was being able to go to a teen lock down center for troubled youth. I went in without a costume and told my story of an abusive relationship that had made me insecure and angry; but by getting into clowning, I began my road to healing. I enjoy using my gifts as a way to help others, who may have had similar stories, laugh again. I take my profession seriously and believe there is always a place in everyone’s heart for a smile or two.”

I have an exciting range of Entertainment and Activity Packages for children’s birthday parties and special events. With Oops C Daisy is about having fun, devoted to bringing color and imagination into the world of all children big and small! For infectious laughter, call Oops C Daisy.